Working on new album

Apart from the pandemic, a lot has happened in my personal life over the last few years, in which I have had to let go of my father (1939-2021), who was a big presence. We kind of knew this was coming and therefore I ‘quickly’ released the EP The Wind Just Blew A Day Away, in 2019 after which I dedicated most of my time to designing and releasing a book of his that he had worked on for four years titled Winkel met negen kinderen about our family history and business. It became a local bestseller according to bookstore Haasbeek-DeKler. Soon after that a lot of attention went into family matters, the way these things go.

So, I wasn’t able to write for a while. Without this ‘natural cleansing system’ I’m not really truly myself and I’ve been very much looking forward to new things. I did have some stalled song ideas that I’d started collecting after my last album Erasing Mountains and since last winter I slipped into a writing bubble that lasted til July, when I finished writing material for a new album. I’ve spent many hours working on songs, often while taking long walks in the National Park near my house, with demo’s on my airpods and words circling above my head. I post pictures of these walks on Instagram.

Two weeks ago I spent a week in a vintage recording studio with my friends and favorite drummer and double bass player: Rob Wijtman and Egon Kracht, to record the basis of a new full album. October 27th we will record additional brass and string parts with the same players from Erasing Mountains. In the meantime I’m working on the tracks in my home studio. After that I hope to plan a mixing session with Oz Fritz in the USA.
So. New work on the way. Thank you for your patience. I hope to see you again in the new year.