night falls on the town

The spacecraft’s chasing the horse and carriage
‘round the lonely merry-go-round
A public telescope is looking disappointed
aimed at something on the ground
The buildings gathered round the square
are basking in the moonlight
And all the closing doors sigh
when night falls on the town

The faithful statue of the fisherman’s wife
never tires of waiting around
A one armed bandit behind a dirty window
keeps on flirting with no one about
Leaning back the outdoor chairs
are gazing at the bruised sky
A trash bag’s waiting for a ride
when night falls on the town

And returned to the boathouse
the lifeboat’s asleep
And the girl that went missing
is still out at sea

The tide is slithering in on it’s belly
taking a sagging sandcastle down
A weathered flag is stroking the air and
waves farewell to the day that’s done
And summer takes another breath
for the sunken sun will rise
A faraway bell tower chimes
when night falls on the town
right before the light dies
and night falls on the town
She’s still out at sea
still out at sea